Cassowary and tree kangaroo for breakfast, brushtail possum and king parrot for dinner


Oh no way guys, it’s not alll about food although I like good food, right?

Have a look at the snapshots and you can see what was meant… our fur`n and feathers companionship in Tarzali, where we were living quietly in middle of a wonderful rainforest, close to Ithaka river. It was in 2006 that we discovered this hidden place on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland and I can tell you how sad I was to learn that there wasn`t any vacant treehouse at that time. As we were living in China in 2006 this wasn`t a major deception as China is so much closer to Australia as good old Germany. We decided to spend our Chinese May holiday again in Queensland at this very special place… the Canopy Treehouse of Tarzali. It was just breathtaking to live in such a beautiful and quiet place in the canopy.

The thought about this paradise still haunted my mind and I was always longing for going back one day. And that`s what we did, having not the expected three weeks ( the explanation for our shortened holidays will be given in a later post!) but only 12 days off.

We spend our days enjoying the quietness and the beauty of the place, listening to the sound of a multitude of wonderful bird voices – which I unfortunately can’t load into my blog 😦  – and having fun with all the
animal visitors around our treehouse. We were strolling through the private rainforest, resting at the granite boulders of Ithaka river looking for turtles and platypus swimming in the smoothly flowing river. Beside our lovely hideaway the Atherton Tablelands offer a variety of stunning places to go. However one fixed item on our daily schedule was Atherton pool. Oh, I envy Australian swimmers…
wherever there is a pool, you for sure can swim 50 m laps. Another advantage is that lap swimmers aren`t chased but highly respected and there are always some laps designed for them. Golden Australia… for swimmers! In Deutschland ist es mir schon morgens um sechs Uhr (!) passiert, dass träge dahin plantschende Schwätzbasen darüber empört sind, dass ich schnell an ihnen vorbei schwimme und nicht erfreut schaue, wenn sie mir immer in die Bahn kommen, obwohl das restliche Schwimmbad fast leer und für Kaffeeklatsch bestens geeignet wäre. (Diese Sätze auf Deutsch mussten sein!) This can`t happen here, ladies of this age don`t chat but swim!!!

Although we already knew quite a lot nice places here, we returned for the simple beauty of the landscape. You`ll find amazing waterfalls, giant trees, the “Felsenmeer” in a much bigger size and above all very open minded and friendly Australian people.                                                                    When starting my career as a teacher in Bad Camberg not knowing whether I would stay  there or not, I applied for a teaching job at the Board of Education of Queensland. And I got an offer teaching in Bundaberg/Queensland for two years. Knowing that after two years of working as a teacher the cost of living, e.g. housing and a car, would leave me as penniless as I came, let me postpone the job.

Working in Down Under, enjoying the beauty and variety of Australian landscape and of course a really multicultural society… I don’t think I would have returned to Germany. That`s saying a lot!

Queensland, that is tropical climate and at the same time an European influenced way of life, with cleanliness, a certain standard of living, well-ordered  routines and of course a diversity of food for a multicultural society. No problem, I love to travel exotic countries accepting a lower standard as at home but to be sincere, I never mind  heading back home to our beautiful country where I can drink the water coming out of my shower. In short, for daily living I prefer circumstances like at home in Germany, by the way one of the most wonderful countries in the world in my opinion even though I know so many other beautiful countries…

Even when all that glitters is not gold, not in Germany, not even down there in wonderful Queensland.


What about you… did you know that there is rainforest in Australia? The rainforests of north-east Australia are among the oldest in the world. In 1988 their significance was recognised when, as part of the Wet Tropics of Queensland, there were given World Heritage listing. The area, only 0.1 % of Australia`s land area, is home to 65 % of Australia`s fern species, 36 % of mammal species, 50 % of bird species, 25 % frog species and 60 % of butterfly species!!!!!!!

Have you ever heard of cassowaries? This flightless bird is Australia`s largest rainforest animal. Hogan, a young male cassowary was usally strolling around our house in Tarzali. Still juvenile he hasn`t yet developed the beautiful, so colourful features of a grown-up. But I thought him a beauty anyway. We were lucky that he still was a juvenile, because male cassowaries are caregivers. They not only sit about 50 days on the egg but they look for the chicks for about nine months. And then they are very dangerous. Approach a cassowary with chicks and you easily win an extended stay in hospital… I wouldn`t have walked without fear through Tarzali rainforest knowing a caring father around…

But there were so many other wonderful animals around us. Twice we spotted the Lumholtz`s tree-kangaroo and every day we had a lot of visitors around the house, many macropods – which means big foot – like wallabies or red-legged pademelons, all kind of birds and of course the cute but very naughty possums. My favourite however was Billie, the sixth month old wallaby, a little orphan, who will be raised by dedicated Sharon and her husband, the owners of the Tarzali treehouses,  for about two years!!!!!!!!!!!